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About Us

New amazing Lost Architecture every month

 This web site a contribution to redescover hiden jewels by some of the greatest architechts.

Our History

It all started with curiosity. Before the internet and the modelling softwares, there was not much available information, especially on unbuilt or lost architecture; therefore, there is a great volume of lost architectural marvels. I started to redraw plans of this type of building in my spare time. However it was a summer 2021 that this project really took off. I reaserched for the projects, then drew them in 2D, prepared the model in 3D and did the finals renders. Most  of the work  presented in this website is edited in a book called "Lost Architecture" and that book transformed in this website 

Pantuliano Renderings

We are a group of CGIs specialists commited in creating high quality renderings. We create images that allow you to explain the your desing in the most realistic way.

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