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Housing for artists, 1924

At the time, housing developments resulted in unpleasent and small places. Only an architect of the likes of Le Corbusier could seize the potential of this kind of architecture.

The design was based on a floor plan or 7x7 meters. The house has no internal doors, only three windows and two floors. The first floor had all the public parts: the living room, the dinning room and the kitchen. The second has all the private parts: the bedroom and the working space. But more importantly, the second floor had one element that redefined architecture forever: "The diagonal".

That diagonal generated a 10 meter long plane that liberated the space, with the staircase in the middle, this gesture seize the potential of the box. The "Maison d´artisants", as Le Corbusier called them, are more than a design, they are a square of hope that showcases the true potential of the space

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