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Soriano house, 1968


Throughout his career Marcel Breuer was always astonished by the hyperbolic paraboloid (just as his former student Catalano did in his own house in Raleigh). He first designed this type of roof for the unbuilt Ustinov residence in Switzerland. Then, he insisted and finally built it in France, perhaps his last and best house ever built, the Sayer Residence. In between those projects he desinged the Soriano house in USA. This building appears in the middle of the country side, with it´s sculptural columns standing proud on the top of the hill, supporting a roof that appears in the sky like a concrete bird ready to flight.

Unfortunately for budgetary restrictions, the clients refuse to built that roof and the architect was forced to change the desing for a dull looking butterfly roof that was built instead, leaving this wonderfull project crippled. Nevertheless the building was demolished years later.

We have rendered Breuer´s original intention.

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